Lois Linkens Reviews ‘Superstition’ by Rana Kelly

Rana Kelly’s ‘superstition’ is hard-hitting and heart-breaking, with a true awareness of the complexities of human existence and our search to find the love we were once promised. she intertwines myth and legend with contemporary ideas of feminine identity, bringing the great women of history into the twenty-first century in an intense and emotional exploration of love, family, sex, and death.

the book provides individual expressions of deep desire, pain, and longing that collectively express the conflict between hope and reality, and Rana’s fierce writing in the face of formidability is both empowering and richly thought-provoking. the collection is a nostalgia-soaked selection of vividly crafted poetry that reflects some of life’s most harrowing and hallucinatory moments, a deeply personal insight into some of Rana’s experiences that will inevitably inspire any artists who come across it.

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